Are you seeking good health for yourself and your loved ones, and are you keen to do something for yourself? You are the only one who can truly take responsibility for your own health, and so often there is something that you can do to help yourself if you only know where to look! In modern day medicine, pharmaceuticals are used extensively, and certainly, have their place, but there are often alternative therapies that are also well proven and are sometimes overlooked.

Dr Ali has been a GP with an interest in complementary medicine and health for many years. Having had the experience of being a patient ‘on the other side of the sheets’, she came to realise that many of our problems are not insurmountable, but so often the solution was not in the hands of the medical staff. She hopes that this web site will bring together a few of the suggestions that she has found in her own search, and serve as a forum for sharing of ideas that have helped others.

Please keep in touch, as articles will be added regularly, and if the topic that interests you is not here, just contact us and Dr Ali will do her best to help!