Smoking, do you want to stop?

1. Decide that you really do want to quit, and write down the reasons why. These are your personal reasons, not anyone else’s.

2. Decide on a date by when you want to have stopped.

3. Start now by writing down  when you tend to smoke. Is it with a cup of coffee, or on the phone, after a meal etc?  Be aware of these times, and when they occur, ask yourself if you really want that cigarette, or is it just habit? If you do smoke one, wait when you are ½ way through and ask yourself if you are enjoying it? If not, put it out!

4. When Quit Day arrives, try to keep busy, and arrange several small tasks to keep you busy in case you feel the need to smoke. This may be writing a letter, weeding the garden, sewing on a button, anything that keeps you occupied!

5. Each time that you don’t smoke, put R1 in a jar, your ‘spaar-jar’.

6. If you find yourself craving something to eat in place of a cigarette, understand that this is a normal chemical reaction in your brain to the loss of chemical in the cigarette. Try to eat something savory, and as little as possible. E.g. don’t buy a large pack of chips, just a small one. If you do eat sweets, try to have a small bar of wafer covered chocolate rather than a large bar of pure chocolate, or eat 1 or 2 boiled sweets instead.

7. Visualization is very effective for some, so imagine the cigarette to be a car exhaust pipe. Few of us would put our mouth over that pipe and breath, so why do it with a cigarette?

8. Use any anti smoking aid that you feel will help. This may be tablets, chewing gum, patches or acupuncture, which can be very effective.

9. If you relapse, try to think what there was about the situation that made you smoke: Were you uncomfortable? Were you pressurized? Think how you can handle that situation differently without needing to smoke.

10. Don’t give up on giving up! Remember the only time that you have failed is when you stop trying!

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