The purpose of this exercise is to eliminate all foods that could be causing your symptoms. Symptoms usually resolve after 1-2 weeks on the diet, and once you have been symptom free for 4-5 days, foods are reintroduced one at a time, making note of any symptoms that recur.

When reintroducing each food, eat it regularly for 3 days unless it gives you a return of your symptoms, in which case you should stop it and wait until you feel better before going on to the next food. Remember that a reaction may only occur 48 hours after eating the responsible food.

If you experience extreme symptoms such as shortness of breath, sensation of your airway closing, swollen tongue or lips, redness or swelling of your entire body, or any other symptoms of an urgent nature do not hesitate to call your Dr. This represents an acute allergic reaction and you must avoid that food in future.

If there is NO improvement in your symptoms after following this diet for 2 weeks, you should gradually return to a normal diet, as food allergy is unlikely to be causing your problems.

 The foods to eliminate for 2 weeks are as follows:

  1. All flour products.
  2. All dairy products.
  3. Citrus fruits including juice.
  4. Potato, aubergine, peppers and tomatoes.
  5. Soy products and oil.
  6. Peanuts and oil.
  7. Eggs.
  8. Chocolate.
  9. Smoked products such as meats, cheeses etc
  10. Any food that you are especially fond of, and may even crave, or foods that you may choose as a ‘treat’ or ‘pick me up’.
  11. Foods that you eat regularly, 4 or more times a week.

This may sound very difficult to do, but here are some alternative suggestions:

1. Wheat:

  •   Rice cakes
  •   Corn thins
  •   Polenta
  •   Corn based pasta.
  •   Any product stated to be Gluten free.
  •   Brown rice may also be used as the basis for a breakfast muesli type meal.
  •   Quinoa

2. Dairy:

  •   Rice milk
  •   Soya or rice milk
  •  Goats cheese and yoghurt.


3. Coffee and tea:

  •   Herb teas including rooibos.
  •   Dandelion root coffee.

4. You may eat any fresh meat and fish except snoek.

Try to base your diet on fresh, unprocessed meat, free range poultry and fish, accompanied by fresh vegetables, beans and pulses, with no commercial sauces or basting added, and eat plenty of fresh fruit in the form of apples, pears, grapes bananas and berries.

If you continue to have symptoms after 7 days despite excluding the above, then remove corn products. Rice is very rarely responsible, so may be eaten in all its forms freely.
Please do not continue this elimination diet for longer than 3-4 weeks, as it is unlikely to be nutritionally complete.

Please keep a diary of everything that you eat, and all your symptoms for the next 2 weeks.
You may feel unwell for the first few days, due to the change in diet. Try to drink plenty of water. You may find that high doses, e.g. 1gm daily, of vit C will help.
When shopping, please read labels and avoid pre-packaged foods as they often contain ‘hidden’ ingredients, e.g. casein is a milk product, modified vegetable fat and protein may be a wheat derivative.
Please remember that this is not a test! Do not feel anxious about admitting to eating something that should be excluded, but bear in mind that the purpose of the diet is to find the reason for your problems.

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