When you feel that you are losing control, or even find yourself about to binge, try the following:

1. Drink a large glass of wateror hot broth [stock and hot water, delicious!]. We often mistake hunger for thirst.

2. Get out of the kitchen. This is one of those times that you cannot take the heat!

3. Try to have some other activities ready to do if you are spending time alone, to take your mind off eating.

4. wait 5 minutes and many times the urge will go away. If, after 5 minutes, you are really needing to eat something, preferably choose cheese or other protein, eg chicken or fish. A half tub of cottage cheese is a safe choice.

4. Having decided to eat:

> put it on a plate,

> put the remainder of the food in its container, back in the cupboard,

> take the food into another room,

> and sit down and enjoy it.

In this way, it is more difficult to lose control than when standing in front of the cupboard or fridge with a full container of food open!

5. When shopping, always take a list,and never shop when hungry, or feeling down. If this is unavoidable, try to go with a friend. Only take the cash you need.

6. If all fails, try to control the binge by following # 4.

7. When it is over, FORGIVE yourself, then move forwards from there.

Tomorrow is a new day!



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