I am very excited about my website; I hope to use this blog page to communicate interesting snippets of information that I come across, and also some of my views on various aspects of health.

Each week I will try to spend a few minutes discussing topical issues that have come to the fore, or that I think are worth sharing. I do hope that you will enjoy it!

- Dr Ali

Time to exercise!

Last time we looked at some of the benefits of exercise: It improves both physical and mental health, reduces stress, boosts energy levels, improves sleep and prolongs your life. For menopausal women weight bearing exercise reduces osteoporosis, and a recent study showed that it increases your output of Growth Hormone, a hormone which helps you stay young and slim. So how do we get started? What kind of exercise is best? How much and for how long?

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Health, what is it?

In my 1st 2 blogs I have talked about our health and suggested changing some bad habits, but then I thought to myself, what are we aiming for? You can’t improve your health until you know what you should be doing! So let’s look at what health really is.  Good health is more than simply not being unwell; true health and well being includes physical, mental, social and spiritual balance.

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Health is a gift, and as anyone who has lost it will agree, it is to be cherished. Many people not only take it for granted, but abuse their bodies and refuse to accept any responsibility for the damage they do. In my daily practice I see people who seem either unable or unwilling to apply any advice they are given, yet they complain bitterly about their latest self-imposed woe, expecting both generous sick leave and a miracle cure before they go on their way! I have to tell these patients that they are responsible for what they eat, drink, breath, and how they exercise; no one else picks up that can of cola and forces it down their throat. No one else makes you sit on that sofa, and stops you walking to the shops or taking the dog out! Granted, there are those whose circumstances make life more difficult than others, but a positive attitude and a little extra encouragement can work wonders!

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Healthy Food With The Cookie Monster

I love this video, and just have to share it.

Cookie Monster raps about healthy food.
If Cookie can do it, then so can you!

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WE would like to thank Youtube and Sesame Street for this video



Exercise, - that dreaded word that we all know we should be doing, but find it SO hard to achieve! For some of us it brings pictures of plodding away on some deadly boring and painful machine in a sweaty gym, surrounded by lithe slim bodies, but does it have to be so?

Why should we move, why not just be a couch potato and live with it? Well for one reason you may not live as long if you stay on that couch! Exercise is essential for our health as it reduces insulin resistance, one of the commonest results of obesity and a major contributor to diabetes and heart disease. It also affects our psychological health, as Scientists at UT South Western Medical Centre found that moderate and intense daily exercise can work just as well as an antidepressant drug.

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Making Changes

In my first blog I talked about the gift of health, the fact that it is our own responsibility to protect that gift, and that sometimes this may involve some lifestyle changes. Change is a challenge, but it can be done!

If you have decided that it is time to act, then let me make a few suggestions to help you on your way. Just as you don’t get in the car without a destination, so you need a destination for your lifestyle changes. You should identify the major goal, then break it up into manageable pieces, and decide how, when, why and what you want to change.For each step decide on a start date and plan of action, and then write it down! By writing it down, and perhaps sticking it on the fridge, or, if you want more privacy, in your diary, you will have it as a reminder, and will not be able to ‘just forget’ it! Your reasons for wanting to change will also help to keep you focussed. They must be your personal reasons, not simply that someone else wants or expects it of you.

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DietQuest Facebook Fan Page


We are proud to launch our Face Book Fan Page! We hope to get as many 'likes' as possible to keep you up to date with our progress and share our philosophy of healthy living.

Go to our Facebook Fan Page [here]...

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