Party time!


It’s the end of the year and the time to party! How are you going to enjoy yourself without undoing all that hard work that you have put into achieving your health goals all year? Here are a few hints to help you on your way:

Before the day, plan your wardrobe and wear something that fits you now and that you feel good wearing, -not something that you ‘might’ fit into in 2 weeks time.

On the day, pamper yourself a little and ensure that you feel good about your look. There is an old saying ‘if you feel good you look good’ and of course the reverse applies. If you feel self conscious then it will show.

Before the party, eat sensibly, don’t skip meals to ‘save up’ - it will simply result in over indulging once there. Eat a small snack of nuts or biltong to take the edge off your hunger, and drink a glass of water before you go. This will help prevent you drinking too much alcohol too quickly due to thirst.

When you arrive, if you are naturally shy, try to look confident. Square your shoulders and try to smile with your eyes. Find someone that you know, or if you know very few people, ask the hostess to introduce you, or better still offer to help with drinks and snacks . This way you can circulate easily.

Beware the snacks! Don’t stand next to a table laden with nibbles, because before you know it you have demolished a plateful. Better to take a small amount then move away. This also applies to a buffet; take your food and then stand away from the table to prevent nibbling.

If you are intending to drink alcohol, moderate your intake by alternating with a glass of water, or add heaps of ice to your glass; no one will notice. Choose a dry white wine and avoid spirits with mixers, which are always laden with sugar. If you prefer not to drink, but are afraid you may be tempted, offer to be the ‘designated driver’. This way you have an excellent reason not to drive, which all but the most irresponsible will respect. Last word on the subject of alcohol, please don’t get in a car with someone who has been drinking; make other arrangements or call a taxi. Your life is worth considerably more than a taxi fare!

If you are eating out, what to choose? Avoid the bread or roll before the meal; it is designed to stimulate your appetite. As a general rule in all kinds of restaurant, avoid anything in a creamy sauce and opt for a tomato based sauce or a grill. Avoid fried side dishes, be it rice, chips or other vegetable, and choose a salad or plain roast vegetables without a sauce, but here again, watch out for oily dressings.

When eating a meal [alone or in company], be aware of your food. Enjoy every mouthful and try to really taste it. Put your knife and fork or spoon down between mouthfuls. This will help you to eat more slowly, and thus be less inclined to help yourself to second helpings.

If you are guests at someone’s house, be polite, don’t refuse all her beautiful food just because it has creamy sauce, but try a little damage control by taking small portions if you help yourself, or requesting ‘not too much’. Don’t be a ‘party pooper’ saying you don’t eat this or that; it is extremely bad manners. If you have a genuine food allergy, or are diabetic for instance, good manners would dictate that you phone the hostess beforehand and explain your problem, rather than causing embarrassment to her when you don’t eat any of her specially prepared feast.

Puddings can be a huge stumbling block at this time of year, and everything seems to be laden with fat and cream. Try to opt for fruit, or a pavlova is usually fairly safe as long as it is not smothered in cream. Beware the cheese board. It is so easy to eat far more than you either want or need, just because it is in front of you. Take a tiny sliver and pass it on. Don’t allow it to be parked under your nose!

Next morning, if you need to detox, omega 3 oil has been shown to help you recover, so start taking 1000mg/day now. Milk thistle is also a wonderful liver support for this time of year. If you managed some self control, then pat yourself on the back, but if you ‘lost the plot’ it’s OK, today is a new day, so start over!

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