'A' is for Allergy


Some of you may have thought I had disappeared,or, perhaps from the  picture, gone nuts! But no, just a severe case of ‘writers block’. Not for lack of material, rather too much and trying to decide where to start. Eventually I decided on ‘A’ for Allergy, concentrating on food allergies, which can have a great impact on someone’s health and lifestyle.

Are you allergic to some kinds of food? Has it caused you to restrict your diet? What causes these allergies, and what can be done about them?

In the next 2 articles I am going to look at the different kinds of food allergy and intolerance, what causes them, and how we can be as healthy as possible while working around these problems .The first article covers the classically recognised allergy, which can be life threatening in severe cases, and what advances have been made in prevention and treatment: http://www.dietquest.co.za/find-wellness/60-food-allergies.html

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