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Services and/or products

Your use of any services or products offered on or through this site will be subject to the specific terms and conditions pertaining thereto, as well as these terms and conditions of use, where appropriate. To the extent there is any conflict between the two, the specific terms and conditions will prevail.

Other organisations’ information may be used from time to time on this site. As DietQuest has no control over this information it does not and cannot warrant or guarantee that such information is correct or suitable for anything. As such, DietQuest is not directly or indirectly responsible for any loss that may follow from you relying on such other organisation’s information.

Use of third party content

DietQuest may, from time to time, in addition to any link, host or provide third party content on the site for your convenience. DietQuest does not, and does not undertake to, review or control any third party websites that link to or from the site (nor is it under any obligation to do so),and is not and will not be responsible for the content of any third party site displayed or quoted on or linked to or from the site as it has no editorial control over such content.

It is your responsibility to evaluate third party content available on and through the site. DietQuest and its affiliates, are not liable for any loss, damage or harm caused by your reliance on third party content obtained on or through the site. Before making any decision or placing any reliance on third party content provided on or through the site, you should take all further reasonable steps to ensure and verify the accuracy of such content. This notice must be displayed in its entirety should you publish any third party content obtained from the site.

Dealings with third parties

Your interaction, correspondence or business dealings with third parties which are referred to or linked from or to this site is entirely at your own risk and are solely between you and such third party, including, without limitation, the acquisition, disposal, payment and delivery of any goods or services.

You are solely responsible for identifying and familiarising yourself with any terms and conditions which will govern your relationship with those third parties.

Permission for linking to this site

Nobody may create any kind of link or reference to this site without first obtaining DietQuest’s written permission, which it may refuse or grant on certain conditions. Links that need permission include hyperlinks (automatic links in text), deep links (that bypass the site’s home page), frames, meta tags or any similar reference, electronic or otherwise.

Any request for linking to this site must be sent to the administrator. Whilst every effort will be made to answer as soon as possible, if you do not receive a response, in writing, within 5 (five) business days, it means that unless otherwise agreed to by DietQuest, that it has not agreed to your request.

It is likewise expressly prohibited for any person, business, entity or website to frame any page on this site, including the home page, in any way whatsoever, without the prior written approval of DietQuest.

Searching Technology

The use of non-malicious search technology, such as “web-crawlers” or “web-spiders”, to search and gain information from this site is not permitted without DietQuest’s prior written consent.

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